How to Determine Bracelet Size

There are several ways to determine the size to order, but in every case, the measurements refer to the circumference of the bracelet. Use the photos and descriptions below to help you determine the correct size. When you contact me with the size you have determined, be sure to let me know which method you used.

I have some tips if you are buying a gift and want to determine the size to order without giving away the secret!

To determine size, you will need a flexible measuring tape. A dressmaker's measuring tape (shown at the top) will work well. If you do not have one, cut a strip of thick paper (cardstock works well) and use a ruler to mark lengths in quarter inch increments.

Here I have wrapped the cardstock ruler around my wrist so that it is comfortably touching the wrist all around. The ruler indicates "6-3/4" which would be too tight for a bracelet, but is useful to know, if that is the only measurement you can take.

I have opened up the ruler slightly to find a comfortable size. This is where personal preference comes into play. Decide whether you prefer your bracelet to remain fairly stationary, or to move freely up and down your wrist. There is usually a range of sizes that will fit. In general, adding 1/2 inch to the actual wrist measurement (shown above) will be a good fit. For instance, I can wear a 7 and a 7-1/2, but prefer the feel of 7-1/4.

If you have a rigid bracelet, bangle, or cuff that fits, you can use the flexible ruler to find the size. Adjust the ruler so that it has the same circumference as the bracelet. In the photo you can see that the ruler held over one of my own bracelets measures 7-1/4.

You can also use the ruler to measure the inside circumference of a bracelet that fits well. Here you can see that this results in a slightly smaller measurement. This can be easier than the previous step; if you take this measurement, be sure to let me know so I can make the adjustment. NOTE: A measurement of the outer circumference is NOT useful!

This is the sizing tool I use when I make bracelets.

And here is the same tool held over my bracelet. Their circumferences are the same and the tool shows a size of 7-1/4, as determined with the cardstock ruler shown above.

Tips for Keeping a Gift Secret

If you live with the intended recipient, try to find a bracelet that you know the recipient likes and use the instructions above to determine the size. A tightly fitting watch band can also be used in a pinch. Measure either the inside or the actual circumference and be sure to let me know which measurement you took. If you do not live with the recipient, perhaps you can enlist the help of someone who does. If there is no way for you to measure either a watch or bracelet, then make your best guess; I am always happy to exchange a bracelet for the correct size, just be sure to contact me first. In general, most women will be in the range of 6-3/4 to 7-1/4. If you think your recipient's wrists are larger than average, try ordering a 7-1/2 or 7-3/4. Finally, while I can make any size, very tiny sizes (less than 6-1/2) pose special challenges for some of my designs; be sure to contact me first!